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When: 23.11.2019 08:00
This week
United States,
1163 Berger Rd, Temple, TX 76501-6711, United States
Airsoft RPG Events: Upega Outpost
airsoft role playing event based in a galaxy far far away, come join in on bringing this universe to life, test your skills as a bounty hunter or enjoy the cantina, your story here is up to you. $40 pay at event, free onsite camping and lunch, limited rental guns available
When: 07.12.2019 07:00
United States,
Sanna Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA
Operation Narcos
Fully armed DEA agents will raid the jungles for opium farms, cash, and weapon cache. Local civilians worship Cartel who provides them with money and security. Which side will the villagers side with?
From: 07.12.2019 08:00
To: 08.12.2019 15:00
United States,
Fort Hood, TX
OP: Reindeer Games
Operation: Reindeer Games Hosted by: American Milsim

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