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From: 20.09.2019 14:00
To: 22.09.2019 12:00
This week
United States,
Guardian Centers 600 Perry Pkwy, Perry, Georgia 31069
Operation IRENE
From: 20.09.2019 15:00
To: 22.09.2019 14:00
This week
United States,
San Isabel Scout Ranch
Operation Anvil
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From: 27.09.2019 16:00
To: 29.09.2019 12:00
United States,
Camp Shelby National Guard Base Jackson Ave & 30th St, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39407
Desert Fox Airsoft Events Presents: Southern Resolve
When: 28.09.2019 07:00
United States,
Mojave, California
LCTC - Mojave
From: 04.10.2019 17:00
To: 06.10.2019 14:00
United States,
D-Day Adventure Park 66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, Oklahoma 74370
Oklahoma Land Rush
From: 04.10.2019 19:00
To: 06.10.2019 17:00
United States,
Tactical Solutions International, Inc.
Recondo Mini Basic
This is a small unit tactics course, covering the basics of the Recondo curriculm. Hours will count towards your tab. The Recondo mini basic will be an excellent primer course and introduction to newcomers who want to see what Recondo is all about. Free to tabbed Recondos, $150 to new students.…
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When: 05.10.2019 07:00
United States,
Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
Titan Milsim & Fox Airsoft Presents Homefront: Leatherback 3
Tickets start at $40!! Get ready to dive-in, dive into what we call Milsim Lite (introductory to milsim) Homefront Separatist vs Republic Leatherback 3. A spin-off from our Operation Factions on a Skirmish Level. Nervous? How do I play? Dont worry, the Staff will teach you our game style at our…
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When: 05.10.2019 07:00
United States,
Operation Hac Bao
NVA vs Villagers vs GI Who will win the hearts and minds of Villagers?
When: 18.10.2019 16:00
United States,
Third Coast Airsoft
OPN Starburst 2019
When: 19.10.2019 09:00
United States,
AirsoftCON 2019
SAVE THE DATE - October 19th 2019, Saturday FREE admission for EVERYONE. Come have fun! Registration is free but required. Register now! AirsoftCON is an annual celebration and gathering of the Airsoft community in…
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When: 19.10.2019 17:00
United States,
Tactical Training International, LLC
Low Light Pistol
$75.00 - Instructor Logan Brown Not all lethal encounters happen during the day when it is sunny and 70. Learn how to operate your pistol effectively in low light/no light conditions. Course topics to include: How to defeat garments from a concealed carry. The human eye and how it works in low…
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From: 25.10.2019 12:00
To: 27.10.2019 12:00
United States,
Picher, Oklahoma
La Contra
The invasion of the Federación de Estados Bolivariano has stalled with the US pre invasion strikes damaging the FEB military infrastructure but not crippling it. The initial fire and fury campaign failed to bring down the FEB air defenses completely. This failure resulted in major losses for the US…
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When: 26.10.2019 07:00
United States,
Diamond V Movie Ranch
Village of the Dead - A Town Full of Undead
Can YOUR TEAM survive a town full of walking dead? You maybe "bitten" and become a walking dead (until you're resurrected by your team mates).
From: 26.10.2019 08:30
To: 27.10.2019 15:30
United States,
Tactical Training International, LLC
Tactical Emergency Combat Care One (TECC 1)
Taught by Bob Claar This will be a two day, action packed, hands on course. Students will learn everything from basic first aid/CPR skills to how to treat a patient under fire. Class will focus on medical response for first responders, law enforcement, security personnel and the citizen who…
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From: 01.11.2019 15:00
To: 03.11.2019 12:00
United States,
Chatham Mills, Elkin, NC
Operation Hell Fire
All active textile machines are scheduled to be off site by Aug. 13th at which time our staff will be on deck to verify to ensure an expanded AO. All who supported Inferno will be given a discounted rate of $90 for the weekend.
From: 08.11.2019 14:56
To: 10.11.2019 17:56
United States,
Tazewell County, Virginia
Battlefield Tazewell: Battle of the Clinch 5(Multi-AO Milsim) $50 Prereg $75 late Reg Details Subject to change Multi Location Airsoft Milsim CAP 250 players 2 FOBs (AT LEAST) and 2-3 other Locations for Direct Action Missions (Possibly) BIO BBs only Full rules on Theta Events FB page note and on website ++++++++++++++More…
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From: 08.11.2019 17:00
To: 10.11.2019 13:00
United States,
2511 fm 66 Waxahacie Tx 75167
Conquest of Avalon III
The battle continues for the island of AVALON! Overwatch Tactics presents: Conquest of Avalon III After being handed a substantial loss by UNIT, MERC looks to re-enforce their lines and continue the fight for the island! 🌴 Location- Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Tx- …
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When: 23.11.2019 08:00
United States,
1163 Berger Rd, Temple, TX 76501-6711, United States
Airsoft RPG Events: Upega Outpost
airsoft role playing event based in a galaxy far far away, come join in on bringing this universe to life, test your skills as a bounty hunter or enjoy the cantina, your story here is up to you. $40 pay at event, free onsite camping and lunch, limited rental guns available
When: 07.12.2019 07:00
United States,
Sanna Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA
Operation Narcos
Fully armed DEA agents will raid the jungles for opium farms, cash, and weapon cache. Local civilians worship Cartel who provides them with money and security. Which side will the villagers side with?
From: 07.12.2019 08:00
To: 08.12.2019 15:00
United States,
Fort Hood, TX
OP: Reindeer Games
Operation: Reindeer Games Hosted by: American Milsim

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